And complete the Hajj and Umrah for Allah

Quran 2:196

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  • Tentative Departure Date from Canada is: Aug 22nd, 2017
  • Tentative Return Date from Saudi Arabia is: Sep 06th, 2017

Note: Traveling Dates are subject to change due to Airline schedule, Hijri Calendar, and any updates from the Ministry of Hajj

  • Round trip Airfare from Toronto (Other destinations are also available)
  • Medina First Package
  • 3 Days at Anwar Al Madinah Mövenpick Hotel (5 Stars) in Medina
  • 12 Days at Casablanca Takamul Hotel (4 Stars) in Makkah (Including the 5 Days of Hajj)
  • For the first time in Canada, Al Harm private A/C Bus (Casablanca to Harm in Makkah) back and forth around the clock. Al Harm Buses are dedicated for Falcon group only
  • Keep your Hotel in Makkah During the 5 days of Hajj – Unlimited Access
  • Religious Guidance
  • Full round transportation including sightseeing in Medina
  • Falcon Travel complementary Hajj Kit


Medina Hotel
3 Days at Anwar Al Madinah Mövenpick Hotel – 5 Stars – Across of Al Masjid Al Nabawie

Makkah Hotel
12 Days at Casablanca Takamul Hotel – 4 Stars – Including the 5 days of Hajj

Makkah Hotel during Hajj
While we are in Mina performing Hajj, our Hotel room in Makkah Casablanca Takamul Hotel is available and accessible 24 hours. This is a great feature especially at Tawaf Al Ifadah on the 10th of Zul Hija and Tawaf Al Wadah at the end of our trip. Private shuttle buses will be working around the clock to/from the Haram

Mina North American Camp
4 Nights in the North American Camp in Mina 4KM +/- away from Jamarat. The Camp is facilitated with room like tents (Gypsum Board) and the latest Freon Air Conditioned tents. The washrooms are shared within the camp

Arafat North American Camp & Muzdalifa
1 Nights in Arafat/Muzdalifa North American Camp in Arafat. The camp is facilitated with German Upgraded Freon Air Conditioned tents, and the washrooms are shared. As for Muzdalifa it is an open sky area which we will spend the night at


During Our Stay at the Medina Hotel
Open Buffet Style – Half board – Breakfast and Diner will be served Daily

During Our Stay at the Makkah Hotel
Open Buffet Style – Half board – Breakfast and Diner will be served Daily. Snacks, Coffee, Tea, Cold Drinks will be available at all time

During The Hajj Days in Our North American Mina Camp

Food Boxed Style – Half board – Breakfast and Diner will be served Daily and provided by the Mutawif. Water, Coffe, and Tea will also be available at all time


Medina Airport to Medina Hotel
Provided in Saudi Government Buses as per the law of Saudi Arabia that the first transport from the Airport to the Hotel MUST be in government buses

Medina Hotel to Makkah Hotel
Provided in Falcon private, Air-Conditioned Coaches

Makkah Hotel to Jeddah Airport
Provided in Falcon private, Air-Conditioned Coaches

Sightseeing in Medina
Provided in Falcon private, Air-Conditioned Coaches

Mina to Arafat to Muzdalifa, and back to Mina
Provided by the Mutawif in government buses


Sightseeing in Medina is provided in our A/C private Buses

Note: We only visit sights allowed by the Ministry of Hajj as the Ministry changes the sites allowed to be visited by Hajis every year depending on the security procedures


Including but NOT limited to:

  • Ihrams for male Hajis
  • Gift for female Hajis (Hijab)
  • Travel Kit including (Back-Pack, Jamarat Bag, Umbrella, How to perform Hajj & Makkah, Medina Books in English)
  • Falcon Travel Photo ID


Falcon Travel is proud to accompany you on the sacred journey of Hajj

  • All our packages are facilitated with the new Ultra Hajj Services
  • Lowest price in the Market with the highest quality possible, Guaranteed
  • All our packages are available with the VIP services and the Value services built for your satisfaction
  • Remarkable Customer Service in Canada, and in Saudi Arabia
  • We are a consolidator for most and major airlines which gives our Respected Guests the chance to enjoy great deals on Side trips to anywhere in the world after Hajj
  • Hajj Educational Seminars in Canada (Usually after Ramadan)
  • Hajj Educational Materials will be distributed to Hajis before the trip
  • Hajj Educational Seminars in Saudi Arabia by our Canadian Imams who enjoy the privilege of speaking in multiple languages i.e English, Urdu, Arabic…etc
  • Full access to Group Leaders in Saudi Arabia in person or by phone
  • A team of over 300 Staff working to serve you in Saudi Arabia
  • The proper handling of your luggage in Saudi Arabia (Collection, transfer from city to city, and storage) to give you a hassle free trip


Quad Occupancy Triple Occupancy Double Occupancy
$10,990.00 CAD $11,290.00 CAD $11,590.00 CAD
In Quad Occupancy In Triple Occupancy In Double Occupancy

Limited Seats.  Call Today to Book:

905-366-0220  or  416-576-2322

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Limited Seats.  Call Today to Book:  905-366-0220  or  416-576-2322

Book Package Now

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